Pedestrian Behavior Mining from Data

In our paper Pedestrian Behavior Mining from Data a general -observation-based- qualitative framework to extract agent-based pedestrian behavior is presented. To extract qualitative rules from data we use tools, from Formal Concept Analysis, for implicational reasoning. Joaquín Borrego Díaz, Juan Galán Páez, Pedestrian Behavior Mining from Data, Proc. Late-Breaking ECAL 2015 pp:4-7 (2015) Anuncios

Phenomenological Percolation in Conceptual Networks associated to Complex Systems

In our paper Phenomenological percolation in conceptual networks associated to Complex Systems a notion of phenomenological percolation for Conceptual Structures associated to Complex Systems (CS) is proposed. This process -on concept lattices (from Formal Concept Analysis)- consists in the allocation of (non-previous) objects in the lattice, which can induce its extension. The aim is to […]