News about ASAP

  The paper “ASAP: A Framework for Designing and Analyzing Gamified Models of Complex Problems” based on ASAP has been accepted in 2nd Gaming, Simulation and Play (GSP 2016) Workshop Anuncios

Pedestrian Behavior Mining from Data

In our paper Pedestrian Behavior Mining from Data a general -observation-based- qualitative framework to extract agent-based pedestrian behavior is presented. To extract qualitative rules from data we use tools, from Formal Concept Analysis, for implicational reasoning. Joaquín Borrego Díaz, Juan Galán Páez, Pedestrian Behavior Mining from Data, Proc. Late-Breaking ECAL 2015 pp:4-7 (2015)

Intelligent Marketplace by means of Multiagent Systems

In our paper iaBastos: An Intelligent Marketplace for Agricultural Products we present a multi-agent platform designed to support p2p auctions on agricultural products. Experiments show that it could be feasible to integrate a platform, which is de-centralized by nature, into the current socioeconomic environment. The reason is that this market is managed by hard-centralized ecosystem, and […]

Diseñando interfaces para conocimiento complejo

De las dimensiones más importantes que asociamos al conocimiento, la complejidad (en el amplio sentido) es quizás la más estudiada, pues tiene referentes matemáticos claros. Por ejemplo, las lógicas descriptivas están categorizadas tanto en función de su complejidad sintáctica como en su complejidad algorítmica (incluso su indecidibilidad). Está claro que para un conocimiento no formalmente […]