Phenomenological Percolation in Conceptual Networks associated to Complex Systems

In our paper Phenomenological percolation in conceptual networks associated to Complex Systems a notion of phenomenological percolation for Conceptual Structures associated to Complex Systems (CS) is proposed. This process -on concept lattices (from Formal Concept Analysis)- consists in the allocation of (non-previous) objects in the lattice, which can induce its extension. The aim is to […]

Intelligent Marketplace by means of Multiagent Systems

In our paper iaBastos: An Intelligent Marketplace for Agricultural Products we present a multi-agent platform designed to support p2p auctions on agricultural products. Experiments show that it could be feasible to integrate a platform, which is de-centralized by nature, into the current socioeconomic environment. The reason is that this market is managed by hard-centralized ecosystem, and […]